5 Workshops strippenkaart


Dit is de strippenkaart die je nodig hebt om onze workshops te kunnen boeken. Wanneer je deze hebt aangeschaft, kun je vervolgens je keuze gaan maken uit ons aanbod van 32 workshops.

Je strippenkaart geeft recht op 5 workshops en is vanaf aankoop een jaar geldig.

English description

With this ‘strippenkaart’ Bijeen-Nu offers a ‘pick and mix’ service for a one-off fee, offering 5 inspiring workshops of 3 hours, which you select from a collection of 32 sessions along 3 themes:

  • Personal
  • Interaction
  • Organization

Each three hour session will equip participants with both deep personal insights and a pragmatic toolkit for their personal and professional performance. Once a workshop has been booked, we guarantee it will go ahead, even if you are the only participant. With a maximum of just 3 participants we ensure a personal and tailored approach.

The pick and mix purchase is valid for a year post-purchase.